Well hello again! First, I want to explain why I took such a long, unplanned break. My original plan was to write at least once a week in order to reflect on how clinicals, class, externship, work, and my personal life were going at that moment. About four weeks into my final semester, I realized I had WAY too much on my plate and that I was getting upset with myself for not taking the time to write and reflect. The thing was that I just didn’t have time to reflect on my own when I already had assignments to reflect on 2 different clinicals and my externship each week. I decided to delete the app that I used to check on this and delete the link in my instagram and Facebook bios in order for me to have just ONE less thing to have to worry about. Fast forward to today, and I realized how important reflection is to me and my sanity and how writing on here is a perfect way to get back in the habit. So here we are at my welcome back blog post.

It’s still so hard for me to believe that in the last six months I have graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing, accepted an offer for a job that I felt way too under qualified for, passed the NCLEX, and actually started my job as a full fledged (new grad) Registered Nurse. I absolutely love where I am right now in my life but with all these recent changes, my own health issues started to surface and I decided to not just push my own mental and physical health to the side. Nurses are known to be the worst patients because we tend to put our own health on the back burner and I didn’t want to get stuck in that stereotype. I’m still figuring out what exactly is going on and the whole process of unknowns and new discoveries can be quite stressful. In the past when I felt over stressed, I tended to just pull away from whatever was causing the stress. More often than not, this resulted in more stress for obvious reasons. I didn’t want this to happen anymore and I wanted to finally kick this habit away for good. I have decided to just keep taking care of myself and everything that is happening, but also I have continued to actively remind myself to prioritize my responsibilities so that I focus on the more important things in a more timely manner. This whole “adult” thing is, no joke, a serious learning process. I know that my parents and siblings will always be there to help me if I’m in a rut, but nobody actually wants to resort to asking for help. We all just want to be successful- in our careers AND in our personal lives. It’s crazy how common sense so many of these things seem to be yet not as easy to do on a daily basis. If you’re not truly aware of your decisions and how you do certain things almost as second nature, you may actually be hurting more than helping yourself.

I feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing support system. Not only are my parents, my brother, my sister, their significant others, my boyfriend, my friends and all of my extended family so supportive of me, but also my new colleagues and management have already proven to be truly amazing people.

Timing is seriously a crazy thing if you really think about it. xo

Author: melissaudrey

Nurse. Romans 8:31. Fun seeker.

5 thoughts on “Timing”

  1. Melissa I am so proud of all your accomplishments. You are one amazing young lady. Always remember I am here for you anytime. Love you 😘 💕🌷

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  2. Girl I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished. It is definitely hard being an adult at times but make sure to have fun, use your pto at work and take care of yourself. Xo

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