This is a topic that is very sensitive to me. I feel as if sensitivity is thought of as a negative characteristic which is just so so wrong in my opinion. Sensitivity is often due to a previous experience and because of this, I feel that is never mine (or anyone else’s) job to judge whether someone is being too sensitive or not. It is very similar to pain in that it is simply something that an outsider cannot measure, so instead we should just trust how that person is feeling.
There are multiple reasons why this is an important topic for me. If you think about it in a simplistic way and someone seems like they are being overly sensitive about something, just pause and think about how they must be reacting this way for a certain reason. I often realize that it may seem to others that I may be overreacting for something so simple even though I know the exact reason why I feel a certain way which causes me to “overreact”. 

I am continuously affected by daily events that occur across our nation or even our world. I never expect people to feel so passionately about these things as I feel, but I also don’t expect people to tell me to “not be so sensitive”. If I write or post about things that offend you, then you can simply unfollow me. I use my platform to post about how I feel about current events as well as just my opinions in general. I am more than willing to have a respectful conversation of conflicting ideas with anyone and everyone. We can not expect everyone to agree with us but instead just hope for some respect and understanding of where we are coming from.

I am not trying to convince you to feel a certain way politically, emotionally, or educationally. Instead, just try to take an extra second to have a better understanding of where the other person is coming from. You may have opposing opinions, but just spending the time to listen and have a better understanding of an opposing view may help you more than you would expect. 



Author: melissaudrey

Nurse. Romans 8:31. Fun seeker.

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