“nurses eat their young”

This whole concept is quite frustrating for me. Nursing students are especially affected by this and I just do not understand why it is a go-to method of teaching for so many nurses. We are only students for such a short amount of time compared to the amount of time we spend in our actual careers. I have so much respect for the nurse that takes the time to explain things when it just isn’t making sense and really encourages students to get involved. Unfortunately, not all nurses are as helpful. It is painfully obvious when a nurse feels as if the student is just a burden in their daily routine. Nurses are always learning new methods and new practices that are based off of evidence so it shouldn’t be too difficult to share this knowledge with us so that we learn together. Not only do I see this happen as a nursing student, but as a nursing assistant as well. I will work with some nurses that are so appreciative while other nurses will barely acknowledge my presence. It is something that I have learned to take with a grain of salt. Sadly, this is something that is apparent in many other fields of work as well so I try my best to remember that everyone has different morals and work ethics so to not let them affect the way that I work. As a nurse assistant that floats to different units, I have to prepare myself for whatever and whoever I may be working with each day. Instead of wasting my energy and trying to change others, I remain aware of how others affect me and at the end of my day I reflect on it to see if I was able to stay consistent (or better) with my work. Some days are great, some are okay, and some are just plain tough. My favorite way of unwinding after a long or tough day is with a steaming hot shower or a soak in the bath. Luckily, I recently came in contact with a company that makes amazing products made from goat milk, which is slowly becoming more popular because of how great it is for all skin types and ages. The other night after a not so great day, I used a “spa bar” from them and it felt so amazing on my skin and the fragrance was simply amazing. I have been using one of their lotions for the past couple of days and have already noticed a difference, especially on my hands since I wash them SOOO much during work. I cannot wait to try their other products. Don’t forget to reward yourself after working hard all day/week! xo

My first blog post!

Hey there! I decided to start this blog for many reasons and will explain all of these over time. For starters, I will explain my main reason I decided to start now. I have had some friends mention that I should start a blog (probably so that I wouldn’t talk as much), but I never really felt like the blogging type of person. However, talking and journaling is quite therapeutic which is why I decided to start my blog as I am about to begin my final semester of nursing school and begin the process of applying for jobs. I plan to use this blog as a reflection of how I feel about different nursing units as well as different nurses in general in order to help remind myself where and how I want to work. I am also going to share my go-to methods of coping with the many stresses that come long with nursing school. I hope you enjoy as I share my thoughts and future plans!